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Vocal Coaching  
with Nova Hughes

Nova offers vocal coaching in person or online and  can also assist on a vocal project you may have. This could be coaching for a specific event, whether that be singing or speaking and also for a group of people or choir.


Nova can offer guidance on technique, style, Estill voice training, and general vocal goals. Coaching is  tailored to your needs and can cater for all abilities.

 Nova is highly experienced at coaching for drama school auditions and will be happy to advise on song and monologue choices and offer general tips to help you prepare.

Whether you are a professional and need help for an important audition, a beginner who wants to sing as a hobby or you have a particular vocal issue that needs troubleshooting then perhaps you would benefit from some one to one coaching . 

Would your choir like an Introduction to the Estill Model ?

Please contact Nova for more information...........

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