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"This experience was nothing short of perfection. Our teachers Nova and Rob were just fabulous and it has left a lasting impression on me".

 "I would recommend anyone who loves singing to take this opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime.
You will never regret it..."
Anika Noronha, Goa

"A fabulous singing adventure, with knowledgeable and kind singing tutors, plus the added benefit of staying at a beautiful chateau where they made us feel really welcome. I would  recommend it to anyone who is at any level of their singing journey"
Polly Molesworth


"Nova always makes us feel at ease. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her patience and attention to detail are first class ".
Martin Batterham

What our guests say...

"Singing Escapes immerses you in the world of song and musicality without allowing you to drown in the newness of it all. 

If you love to sing (even in the shower) then share some time with others who do the same. You won't regret a moment !"

Sue Childs, UK


Singing Escapes is the most incredible experience. Working with Estill teachers, the location, food, pool, amazing company from all over the world. You can't top it. Perfect !

Kay Mitchell, UK

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"For anyone who loves singing, this is a fantastic holiday, lots of fun and laughter, singing with fellow singing enthusiasts, all under the guidance of two very knowledgeable professionals.  Beautiful accommodation, fabulous food and a pool to relax.  

Don’t delay book now before it’s full!"

Fiona Gold



A great week of friendship, singing and tuition, in beautiful surroundings – the pool was particularly welcome! Nova and Rob make a great team in quickly getting us into full singing mode.  I loved the variety of songs and the technical training on how the vocal cords can be used in different ways. I hope this has increased my singing ability, it has certainly increased my enjoyment of singing!

I'd like to come again please.

Janet Rolfe 

jakob creighton Bring him home 2.png

"Singing Escapes has been the most fantastic experience. As a professional singer its great to go back to technique and review your own style. Learning  about the Estill model has been excellent. Everything was so great, the incredible Chateau and the staff who have basically waited on us hand and foot, Nova and Rob, the wonderful food and just having an excuse to come  from Canada to France which we don't have that often".
Jakob Creighton, Canada

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It was one of the best holidays I've been on and I could have stayed longer. Both Nova and Rob are highly talented musicians and coaches, with the perfect blend of knowledge, humility, humour and fun.

The perfect combination of learning more about singing, stunning surroundings, great food, superb company and the highest quality of coaching. there is no pressure at all, quite the opposite, the coaches and participants were all so supportive. Personally the "masterclass" was a highlight for me as it helped changed the way I think about how I sing. I gained a lot from the holiday, from new friends to a much better understanding of how my voice works and a real interest in the Estill Model.

Paul Freestone

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