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Why go on a singing holiday ?

Because they are fabulous! Sounds like a simple answer, but its true. You have to like singing of course. but the good news is that you don't have to be that good at it. Singing holidays are for everybody and for all levels of singing ability. This supportive inclusivity with a group of like-minded people is what makes singing holidays so brilliant . The friendships that form can last a lifetime and the experience can be surprisingly empowering.

We've all heard the recent headlines about how singing is good for you and a recent study showed that singing produces more endorphins than cycling or running. So singing is not just good for your cardio- vascular health but also for happier health and feelings of well-being. Our lives are busy and stressful , but how often do we just stop and sing when we feel stressed ? Probably never right ? But its so good for us !

Singing holidays are not just good for our health though, they are also great confidence builders. Something about being away from the usual routine of daily life really helps to free inhibitions and give you the chance to explore your inner potential. Focused time to just play, immerse yourself and explore your voice with leading vocal coaches and professional singers to guide you . You may uncover a hidden diva you never knew you was inside you!

Jo Estill said "There are more people out there that want to sing than do sing". She also said that "many people say that you couldn't teach me to sing, but they say it with such a wide smile that their face says they want to"

How many secret shower singers, car singers, karaoke fans are out there ? Perhaps you go to a choir once a week and want sing more , maybe you always to try singing but have never had the chance or maybe you used to sing and now other things in life have taken over .

The next big tick for singing holidays is the fact that they are indeed a holiday. Where else can you enjoy one of the passions you love and in a beautiful setting to boot? The local choir may take place in your local church hall or school. Singing holidays take you to some pretty impressive locations from chateaux in France, rustic farmhouses in Tuscany, luxury villas in Greece and Spain, African Safaris, The Caribbean islands to name a few. Its hard not to find inspiration in these stunning locations and when you remember that you will not have to lift a finger for the whole holiday either its hard to dispute the appeal. Often called singing retreats as well as holidays many will have a chef on site and there even be a yoga guru on site getting your mind and body prepped for the day. Massages or beauty treatments may be available and on occasion some excursions are thrown in. This, with a swimming pool and plenty do when you are not singing also make this a very good getaway for a non singing partner that may be tagging along.

There are many different types of singing holiday from choral to country and the market is expanding rapidly.

So "Sing out Louise" and book yourself a singing holiday and if you know where that quote comes from then why aren't you booked on one already ?

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